Truffle mushroom, known in Latin as Truffle mushroom, has many medicinal and nutritional properties. Dunblan oh mountain is a plant from the branch of bag fungi and from the sub-branch of cup fungi which is from the genus Dunblan. Dunblane belongs to the category of physiognomists and the order of physiologists. The color of mountain deer is found in different species from dark red to purple, gray, white and black. Danblan is an underground fungus that is eaten in the food industry. Black mountain dandelion is one of the most delicious types of mushrooms that grows in nature as a car. In appearance, mountain dumplings are very similar to potatoes, but both the properties of dumplings and the price of mountain dumplings are much higher than potatoes. Mountain fungi are found in nature in small and large sizes, and not all fungi grow in the same size. Cultivation of edible underground fungi (tuber) leads to harvesting larger species.

According to a senior food hygiene expert, mushrooms are highly perishable. The shelf life of fresh mushrooms at normal temperatures is only one to three days and at four degrees Celsius, four to seven days. The thin and porous epidermal structure and high respiration rate of this fungus cause rapid post-harvest spoilage. In order to maintain the freshness and freshness of Dunblan mushrooms in the post-harvest period, special care is needed and various factors affect the storage of the fungi, which precise temperature control and proper packaging are more effective than other factors.

Dunblane is a fungus that is difficult to grow and until recently, it was impossible to cultivate in its non-native habitat. In the United States, however, it will be possible to grow it next to upright trees in a good position and with little chance. The cost of starting this work is high and in certain areas, the success rate is less than 50%. Choose a suitable place. The best place is to the south, where the full sun reaches the mushrooms in autumn. The ground should be relatively flat and the slope should not be more than 15 degrees anywhere. Remove all trees from the cultivation site. In other words, a garden where Danblan mushrooms are grown should be tree-free for at least a year. Adjacent trees should be about 30 feet away from the garden, otherwise the roots of the trees may reach the fungi and compete with them for water.